I have a problem… Well definitely more than one, but one I am well aware of is my nasty habit of under-estimation. I have been guilty on several occasions throughout the construction of the house, in fact the whole business if building in the first place. My mist recent offense is the deck, my plan was to knock it together over the Christmas holidays… No problem, now we are approaching the middle of Feb and we are finally getting close.

We have had some great help along the way, an afternoon with my father in law saw some serious production, and some loaned tools have been invaluable!

A word to the wise, if you ever hear the phrase “2 week project” come out of my mouth, run for it!






One thought on “Serial under-estimater

  1. The deck looks amazing. I really like the wood with against the metal adds such depth and richness. It was wonderful that Rob could lend a talented and knowledgable hand!

    See you soon!

    Love Mom

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