Over the process of this project there have been a few constants, one of those is that every few weeks there seems to be another pile of dirt to shift. Retaining walls, leveling courtyard, digging out under the deck, I was hoping thus past weekend would be the last of it…. 2 cubic meters of roadbase later, a few blisters and a sore back, and it still isn’t finished, more demoralizing is that after 2 days in 36 degree heat and one skip full to the brim it doesn’t look any different! Hopefully next weekend will be the end of it, another skip and a few more blisters… Doh.





2 thoughts on “More dirt

  1. Very fine looking black dirt in more ways than one. Like the looks of the grey tiles. That’s one heck of a lot of dirt! I hope you know a good massage therapist!!
    Love Mom

  2. My sympathy would be with you – but I spend 40hrs a week doing it…

    Great blog, got the good news on the MBA award from Mark at work yesterday, and had a read of the Sunday Times write up.

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