A few years ago we decided it might be fun to build a house… it has been pretty interesting since then. We have had a few set-backs (the GFC didn’t help the finances much), the bank didn’t have much faith in us either, the council certainly hasn’t been in a hurry to push this through, and due to some mis-information and bad advice from the council we had 3 revisions to our development application, and still wound up having to present to a full council meeting after over 6 months of them assessing our application.

A lot has happened since we bought this little patch of sand, and we have been close to packing it in a few times, an exercise in perseverance and persistence at times but it has finally started to happen!

The block is about 200 square meters of buildable area (277sqm including the driveway easement), it is up at the back of a subdivided block in North Perth and surrounded by gardens and garden sheds… this was the starting point for the design. Due to the size of the block and the difficult access we went with a timber frame house, this also decreased the carbon footprint of the house significantly compared to a similar size house from traditional brick construction.

The design took a while to come together, and it was a fun process, it also carried us through some pretty dark days during the Global Financial Crisis when it seemed like everything was crashing down a round us… In those days it was a bit of a dream, but it gave us (steve in particular) a nice little design project to look forward to. Enjoy the blog and visit us often, we signed the contract on the basis that Carmon would be able to set up our Christmas tree in the house… this year! Watch this space…


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